Wednesday, 31 March 2010

BIO Organic Cotton - Exclusive Update!

To add to our gorgeous collections, Frances has been working to source a range of new products for quite some time. We are excited to announce that she has found a range of 100% organic cotton towels that meet her tough selection criteria. That is: Earth Friendly, European Design, Ethical Manufacture, Exceptional Quality and Extremely Gorgeous! Frances is stubborn and simply will not compromise on style or quality for sustainability. She always wants it ALL! So Gen-Y.

Frances hopes the new organic cotton collection will compliment her existing lines of bamboo bath towels, mats and robes, providing a high quality eco-alternative for your bathrooms at an affordable price.

Frances is still finalising the range of on-trend colours and we’ll have more news shortly! (Frances actually said she was “creating a colour-story” but I didn’t think I would be alone in being unable to decipher the lingo).

Frances putting together her 'colour-story'.
Megan @ Eureco

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