Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It's my birthday... and I'll cry if I want to!

Ok, so the heading is a little misleading, but it was definitely a possibility yesterday as Frances officially got another year older. Happy Birthday!

Being a twin, meant that she was not only celebrating her birthday but also her brother's! Being disorganised (Frances says 'busy' but we know the truth..) meant last minute present shopping- thank God for hardware stores and gift vouchers!

I have heard reports that there was much cake eating and present exchanging and apparently no tears.

More cake to be had in the office! Thanks Phil.

The new organic cotton collection is officially on its way, ETA: May! Of course we will keep you posted. After deciding on the colour story last week and taking photos for our blog entry, Frances sneakily added an extra colour to the mix - a lovely blue, which should be very popular!

Far away on the Eureco horizon is the Organic Expo, held in Sydney in August. We have just secured our spot and are already super excited. We had a sneak peek at the exhibitors and there are going to be lots of cool people there. (I'm especially excited about the farm animals! But Frances would like me to mention that she is more excited about the organic chocolate, and meeting lots of new people.)

This popped into our inbox and we've claimed her as our mascot/office Eco-pet!

Don't leave your towels lying around!

- Words by Megan (who is banned from office chocolate from now on)

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  1. Bella Marshmella!