Friday, 27 August 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Better than a bunnings voucher, buy dad a bamboo bath robe for Father's Day! Especially as Eureco is offering 25% off bamboo robes, just for your gift buying needs.

Are you sick of getting the same old thing for dad every year? Has he got an overflowing sock drawer, far too many ties and can't get him chocolate because his cardiologist has forbidden it?

You could always get him a bottle of red... but that will be gone before you can say ''happy father's day dad" and no lasting memories of a great gift. Quite the opposite actually.

Eureco has the solution. Bamboo bath robes are eco-friendly, and dad can use it EVERY DAY. He can be reminded of how good a son or daughter you are every time he puts it on. He could even drink the aforementioned bottle of red on the couch all snug in his... bamboo robe. (Don't even think about getting dad a snuggy, those things are NOT cool.)

So to save time this Father's Day go straight here and order dad a robe. Order one for yourself too if you like. 25% off means that robes are now $165 instead of $220. That's a bargain!

Don't forget to order before 3pm Wednesday the 1st of September to ensure on time delivery to you or dad by Father's Day. If you are running late with your Father's Day gift our offer ends on midnight on Sunday the 5th of September - so don't miss out.

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