Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Frances wraps up another successful photo shoot!

This month Frances wrapped up another successful photo shoot to showcase our gorgeous new season colours!

After a lot of organisation and preparation behind the scenes, the date was finally set for the studio shoot.

Frances engaged her expert photographer Warwick from BigFish VC.
Frances & Warwick in the Studio The BigFish Studio
Day 1: The Models – Bamboo Bath Robes
Frances arrived at the studio with Sophie (her lovely assistant for the day) early to prepare before the arrival of John & Priscilla – Our friendly (and very gorgeous) models.

Sophie, Frances, John & Priscilla.

John was first in the spot light modelling his bamboo bathrobe and Frances marvelled at his professionalism and ability to keep a straight face for the camera while giggling between shots. Final Image: John modelling Eureco bamboo bathrobe in colour ‘Aubergine’.

Then Priscilla donned her robes and, after a little tweaking to make sure the bathrobes were looking their best, it wasn’t long before we were producing some truly gorgeous pics.

Frances preparing Priscilla. Reviewing shots on the monitor. Final Image: Priscilla modelling Eureco bamboo bathrobe in colour ‘Aquamarine’.

Then the real fun began with the ‘couple shots’ shooting John & Priscilla together.

Frances was kept busy directing the shots and ensuring the robes were looking lovely while John & Priscilla were relaxed and patient between shots.

John looking his very best. Ooops! We lost John! Final Image: Bamboo Bath Robes. Pricilla in ‘Pearl’. John in ‘Slate’. Final Image: Bamboo Bath Robes. Priscilla in ‘Aquamarine’ & John in ‘Slate’. Frances, Priscilla, John & Sophie winding down at the end of the day.

And that wrapped up Day 1. A big thank you to John & Priscilla for their professionalism, good humour and gorgeousness! Good luck in all your endeavours!

Day 2: The Products – Bamboo Bath Towels

Another early start followed on Day 2. Frances, Sophie & Warwick took a minute for an energising cup of coffee and a brief review of the days shot schedule before commencing.

Each product shot is carefully considered and planned before arriving in the studio. All props are sourced in advance and Eureco would like to extend particular thanks to Ross Longmuir at Planet Commonwealth, for generously agreeing to supply many of the props you see featured in the images below.

Props ready and waiting.

Re-using the studio set up from the day before, the first shot of the day featuring all 9 new colourways was quickly set. Warwick adjusted the lighting to ensure the texture of the towels was captured perfectly. Final Image: Bamboo bath towels. All 9 new colourways featured. Frances setting a shot. Final Image: Ash, Slate & Aquamarine. Props courtesy of Planet Commonwealth. Frances setting another shot while Warwick adjusts the lighting. A quick review on the studio monitor.
Final Image: Ash, Slate & Chartreuse. Props courtesy of Planet Commonwealth.

Most images require a pedantic attention to detail and seemingly endless adusting of small details, however very occasionally there will be a shot that is perfect first time around. The image that follows is one such image. It arrived perfectly formed. Final Image: Lavender, Pearl, Ash, Aquamarine. Props courtesy of Planet Commonwealth. Final Image: Pearl, Lavender, Aubergine & Ash. Props courtesy of Planet Commonwealth. Final Image: Slate, Chartreuse, Tangelo, Aquamarine, Lavender.

And with a just a few more images of product details towards the end of the day, the studio shoot came to a close.

A very big thank you to Sophie for her calm organisation and assistance throughout the shoot. Sophie made sure the towels and props arrived and departed the studio in perfect condition. She also made sure the models were kept warm, comfortable and even entertained during their breaks and made sure the robes and towels were ironed (yes, ironed!) and looking lovely in time for their shots. Thank you. Thank you.

Also a big thank you to our photographer ‘Wazza’, for his calm and methodical approach, his exceptional attention to detail and his immense technical ability. You're a dream!

Eureco continues to build its reputation for superb quality products both sourced and showcased with care and attention to detail.

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